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Mrs.Brenda Esselman

       Bachelor’s degree Chemistry University of North Carolina  Wilmington
       Teacher License from Arizona State University
       Current Certified Teacher license with North Carolina
       Online Instructor Certification University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
       Certified Advanced Placement Chemistry Teacher

        5 years experience as analytical chemist
        13 years experience as public school science teacher.   

        5 years experience as online instructor

        Awarded Highest Student Growth for Iredell County, North Carolina

        EVAAS scores statistically measures the academic growth of a student, not the student’s grade in the class.   It answers the question "Did the student academically increase beyond their predicted capabilities?"  A normal teacher with standard student growth will have scores that range between a -2 to 2.  The range for high growth is 2.1 to 7.0 .  The maximum score available is a 7.   North Carolina public schools have 59,923 teachers.    Less than 20% of those teachers achieve above a 2.   

Learn from one of the top 1% of North Carolina teachers based on increasing academic capabilities of her students.

        Mrs. Esselman          EVASS score:  2015 = 6.3, 2014 = 6.8, 2013 = 7.0

        Married with all six children graduating from universities.
        (BYU and Harvard) ( 3 children have masters)
        I love anything outdoors.
        Star Trek is better than Star Wars

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