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I LOVE Ms. Esselman! I was worried I would hate chemistry, but her fun and quirky personality makes it an exciting subject and easy to learn. She is one of the few teachers who is actually passionate about what she teaches and she's genuinely interested in her students. I have learned some of the coolest things while being in her class (ask how salt dissolves in water and why the body decomposes).


Mrs. Esselman is the best teacher ever!!!! She has made videos and put them on a website so we could watch them if we didn't understand the material. She always made Chemistry fun and easy to understand. She's always going to make you laugh!!


Esselman was a wonderful teacher, was very good at explaining every topic, and provided all her lessons in video online, along with extra resources which was very helpful. 

Mrs.Esselman is a great teacher who really challenges you to do your very best. She is not easy but really prepares you for the final and college level chemistry. I reccommend her to peers often because I enjoyed her and loved her resources like online videos of her lessons.


Outstanding. She made a hard subject easy to understand, Her videos are the greatest help. Her everyday samples were so much fun.


Adults returning to college
High School Students 

Wonderful teacher, learned a lot in her class. Her chemistry class is relaxing, funny but it could make you remember. I feel like I know a lot more about how this world function and all the reactions and chemicals in my life.
She made me love chemistry. I don't used to like chemistry but her class is fun and I also get a good grade.
Favorite teacher of the semester. 


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